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Blog Tour: Noble Magic

About the Book

Title: Noble Magic: The Chronicles of Eledon Book Four
Author: Joni Parker
Genre: Fantasy
Lady Alexin (Alex) battles a band of mortal wizards known as the Octagon, discovers the mysteries of the five legendary diamond eggs, and finally comes into her true powers gifted to her by her conquests and the gifts of her Titan ancestors. Tasked with the seemingly impossible, Alex must find a way to restore the entry points to Seaward Isle or see its inhabitants face certain destruction as the grid holding Eledon together threatens to fall apart.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Review: The Darkness That Slept

32495213 The Darkness That Slept by Tristen Kozinski
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The world gathers on a precipice over chaos:
In the West, the God-Emperor Cardolyn Tyier broods over his vast conquests and plots the subjugation of all other kingdoms.
To the South, the Kalvonder Plutocracy continues their bloody entertainments, too invested in small schemes, transient vices and petty ascensions to notice one of their own has a far grander design.
From the East, a legion of paladins embarks on a crusade of holy conquest against the secluded Northlands, intent on supplanting the land’s sovereign deity and crushing it beneath their pantheon.
But these are children’s squabbles, for a forgotten evil hides behind these conflicts, amassing power and guiding humanity toward the precipice.
The world has had many names for it, but men always called it the Muntalabacs: Dread Lords.
The Avenar know one has resurfaced. They can feel his quiet footsteps resounding across the world and heralding the renewed conflict between their families. The Avenar are spent, though, and will need whatever help the can find, be it from eccentrics, outcasts or madmen.
Ebooks will be gifted to active reviewers of Epic/high Fantasy. If interested, message Tristen Kozinski.

Blog Tour: Illusion

London, 1873. Returning home from his travels with a stowaway named Kayan, Walter Balanchine is noted for the charms, potions and locket hanging from his neck. Finding his friend Tom Winter’s mother unwell, he gives her a potion he learned to brew in the Far East. Lucid and free from pain, the old woman remembers something about Walter’s mother.

Walter is intrigued, for he has never known his family or even his own name – he christened himself upon leaving the workhouse. Living in a cemetery with his pet panther Sinbad to keep the body snatchers away, word soon spreads of his healing and magical abilities and he becomes a sought after party performer.

During one of Walter’s parties, Tom is approached by Tamara Huntington, who reveals she is being forced to marry a man she does not love. Will he and Walter come to her rescue? Try as they might, sometimes all the best intentions in the world can’t put a stop to a bad thing, and she is soon married off to the cruel Cecil Hearst.

Drama and tragedy ensue, and Walter keeps his distance from Tamara. That is until her stricken brother-in-law Daniel requires his magical healing, and he is forced back into her life. With secrets beginning to emerge, Walter finds his mother may be a lot closer to home than he realised…

Filled with mystery, magic and larger than life characters, Illusion will keep you guessing until the very last page. 

Author Bio
Stephanie Elmas was born in Hong Kong but spent most of her childhood in Bristol. Having worked as a head hunter, she taught English in Japan before returning to University to complete an MA in Victorian fiction. It was here that she developed her interest in the dark dangerous world of Victorian sensation writing. After the success of her first novel, The Room Beyond, Elmas has returned to write the tale of the early life of East End mystic and illusionist Walter Balanchine. When she is not writing, Elmas teaches secondary school English and juggles a chaotic household in Surrey.

Review: Illusion is a well told story of mystery and magic. It's also about friendship, that of a magician, Walter, and a stowaway girl, Kayan. I loved how dark this story was, but wherever Walter want, he seemed to bring an air of life and color and vigor! From the beginning I was hooked and had to know what happened! The writing was brilliantly handled, and the characters deliciously complex.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Waiting on Wednesday #3

WWW Wednesday is a meme hosted by Sam @ Taking on a World of Words.

What are you currently reading?
Nirvana by K.E. Radke

Helen's Daimones 

Helen's Daimones (Dyscrasia Fiction #2) by

What did you recently finish reading?
Muffy & Valor: A True Story 

Muffy & Valor: A True Story by

The Whole Sky

The Whole Sky by

What do you think you’ll read next?
Between the Blade and the Heart (Valkyrie #1) 

Between the Blade and the Heart (Valkyrie #1) by

Otherworld (Otherworld, #1)

Otherworld (Otherworld #1) by

Where Creatures Hide by

To participate, all you have to do is answer the following questions:
What are you currently reading?
What did you recently finish reading?
What do you think you’ll read next?

Review: The Art of Winning

36286353 The Art of Winning by Matshona Dhliwayo
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Art of Winning is a definitive collection of maxims on mastering the rules and strategies of winning in life. Matshona Dhliwayo’s depth of understanding makes this powerful and unique work relevant for your day to day success.

Review: Devils & Thieves

25843018 Devils & Thieves by Jennifer Rush
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Power corrupts. Magic kills.

Eighteen-year-old Jemmie Carmichael is surrounded by magic in the quiet town of Hawthorne, New York. In her world, magic users are called “kindled,” and Jemmie would count herself among them if only she could cast a simple spell without completely falling apart. It doesn't help that she was also recently snubbed by Crowe—the dangerous and enigmatic leader of Hawthorne’s kindled motorcycle gang, the Devils’ League.

When the entire kindled community rolls into Hawthorne for an annual festival, a rumor spreads that someone is practicing forbidden magic. Then people start to go missing. With threats closing in from every side, no one can be trusted. Jemmie and Crowe will have to put aside their tumultuous history to find their loved ones, and the only thing that might save them is the very flaw that keeps Jemmie from fully harnessing her magic. For all her years of feeling useless, Jemmie may just be the most powerful kindled of all.

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The Candy Book Tag

The Candy Book Tag by Jessica at Bookish SerendipityCo

If you’re a book blogger, you have probably heard of a blog tag. Basically, you get “tagged” by a blogger to answer a set of questions on your blog, and from there you can tag other bloggers to participate on their blogs!

Which Books Remind You Of….
Image result for apples
1. Apples
Ah. Healthy food. It is deep, meaningful, and probably won a lot of awards but, um, it really isn’t your thing.
My Pick: "A Midsummer Night's Dream" I really wasn't sure what to put for this one, but this is one of the few fantasy/mythologies that everyone talks about that I never was able to enjoy.

2.Black Jellybeans
(Ok, so I LOVE these XD But anyway.) "The Bucket" I wanted to love this book so much, but the more I read, the more I hated it. >.<

Image result for chocolate kisses
3. Chocolate Kisses-
Aww…this novel had the best romance.
This one is hard for me...I love a fantasy with an epic romance, so I have quite a few XD My top Two are Rhodi's Lullaby (Rhodi Saga #3) and ... ACOMAF ;D

Image result for gummy spider
4. Gummy Spiders
Eek! You made sure to check under your bed every night for a week after reading this scary one.
The Light (Morpheus Road #1)This one used to creep me out as a teen, and after a recent still freaks me out! I really hope to read the other two books in this series soon!

5. Jumbo LollypopImage result for jumbo lolly
This took you forever to get through, but hey! You did it!

The Eye of the World (The Wheel of Time #1) at over 800+ pages, it took me a month to read, but it...just 13 more to go XD (Plus I need to reread this one first :P)

Image result for cotton candy
6. Cotton Candy-
Admit it, you loved this when you were younger (you probably still do). Think: children’s or MG fiction.
I loved the 39 Clues series! I only read the first and last series, but I loved them! (Still do!)

I Hereby Tag…
Will tag a few soon, but for now...
And…YOU. If you’re reading this and want to participate, I’d love for you to join in! Just add a link to your post in the comments, and I will stop by.
How to participate?
  1. If you want to participate, write your post, using the seven candies listed above. You can use the badge I made, or create your own.
  2. Tag approx. 5 other bloggers.
  3. Let them know, and ask if they want to participate?
What do you think of the tag? Do you want to participate?

Review: Fable Nation

28449900 Fable Nation by Joy Kita
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Getting sucked into the latest and greatest video game, FABLE NATION, isn't the worst of Mitch's problems. Realizing there's no way out until he beats all the levels might be.

Battling Montezuma in a Mexican jungle isn't hard when you're doing it from your bedroom, but inside the game is a different story.
Mitch better think fast as he teams up with a new side-kick and killer pet.

They'll have to work together to defeat headless spirits, ginormous spiders, and even creepy viruses that may also be trying to escape the game. Log in and join their mission, where reality and gaming collide!

Review: Ruined

32181020 Ruined by M.C. Frank
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The duke of Ashton sits at the Opera at Vauxhall Gardens, bored out of his mind, and plans murder.
He curses the day that brought the little governess, destitute and sad, at his door eight months ago, to upset his careless if a bit meaningless existence.
How could he have guessed the terrible, evil secrets she was hiding? And now that he knows all, the truth appears wilder, even more despicable than even he could have imagined. He hadn’t counted on losing his heart to her, of course, but he did.

What he doesn’t know is that a tendril of the shadows of madness and sin that followed Beatrice to his door is still out there, looking for something to devour.
The only one who can save him from the darkness is the girl herself, but he knows he’ll never see her again. He who once prided himself on his indifference to other human beings, feels his chest constrict with pain every time he even thinks of her.

Beatrice, smart, gentle, kind-hearted, lovely.

A perfect blend of darkness and light, this Regency reverse retelling of Jane Eyre will break your heart as well as uplift it.

This book reminds me of These old shades [by Georgette Heyer]. You are a terrific writer and your characters are beautifully written. I enjoyed it a lot and now you have a fan!

I am so hooked...

Lovely story -compelling twist on a classic, beautifully written prose, believable and great pacing.

This is an interesting take [on a classic tale] and M.C. Frank writes it very well. Her turn of phrase is lovely and the detailing is particularly good.

The writing was gorgeous and everything from the setting to the character development...was pretty much perfect. I loved it. It was so beautifully written and grabbed me right from the very first paragraph. It truly was such a wonderful experience to get to know Beatrice and Dominic.
~ThisBookish Endeavor on youtube

Cover Reveal: Warning Call

Available in wide and limited release!

Addison Cooke and the Tomb of the Khan (Review)

“What to give the kid who’s read all the Harry Potter and Percy Jackson books? Try Addison Cooke. –Parents Magazine
By Jonathan W. Stokes
Addison Cooke is back in his latest laugh-out-loud adventure: ADDISON COOKE AND THE TOMB OF THE KHAN (Philomel; on sale November 14, 2017; 9780399173783; grades 3-7). Complete with a cast of funny, kid-friendly characters reminiscent of The Goonies, and a quest to discover ancient secrets, Addison strikes gold once again in his second adventure: this time a journey through Asia in pursuit of the legendary tomb of Genghis Khan.

Fresh off a victorious treasure hunt and rescue mission in South America, Addison Cooke just cannot seem to avoid rogue bandits, pesky booby traps, and secret treasure troves lined with gold. Such is the life of a junior archaeologist. Just as reliably, as Addison attracts adventure, his aunt and uncle attract kidnappers! This time they find themselves becoming the pawn in a Chinese gang's plan to steal the Khan's most prized possession, his golden whip. When a third player enters the race, a Russian gang intent on nabbing the goods and exacting revenge for what happened with the treasure of the Incas, Addison and his friends find themselves once again caught in the middle, trying to rescue his family and stop the treasure from falling into the wrong hands!

Review:  I was asked if I would be interested in reviewing this title, and I happily agreed. While I haven't read the first book yet, I enjoyed this second adventure! Not as good a Percy Jackson or perhaps Harry Potter, I did like the story, and Addison Cooke defiantely give an entretaining preformance! Great for middle grade readers, this book has plenty of action and adventures, but also adds some history bits along the way! A fun way to get children interested in history, this book would be a great introduction to the Khan's history. 
By Jonathan W. Stokes
Philomel Books; on sale November 14, 2017; 9780399173783; $17.99
Jonathan W. Stokes ( is a former teacher who is now a Hollywood screenwriter. He has written screenplays on assignment for Warner Brothers, Universal, Fox, Paramount, New Line, and Sony/Columbia. Inspired by a childhood love of The Goonies and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Jonathan set out to write his first novel, Addison Cooke and the Treasure of the Incas. Born in Manhattan, he currently resides in Los Angeles, where he can be found showing off his incredible taste in dishware and impressive 96% accuracy with high fives. Follow Jonathan on Twitter @jonathanwstokes.

Blitz: The Hypnotist's Daughter

YA Thriller
Date Published: September 2017

Though things look beautiful to the naked eye, when you look between the cracks of fame and fortune, things aren’t always what they seem.

Prosperity Baxter (Peri) is selling her soul for fame – figuratively of course. Everyone who is anyone in Hollywood has gone through Jameson Frye to get there. Peri has a once in a lifetime meeting with him, set up by her father Harris Baxter, the biggest name in hypnotism on the entire West Coast.

But in the movie industry, you don’t get something for nothing. Peri pays the ultimate price before she is thrust full speed ahead into her new acting career. The manager Jameson sets her up with, bad-boy HUDSON GREGOR, is known for his amoral reputation. Peri learns early on that Hudson is not to be crossed. But when secrets begin to surface as the scenes from the horror film she is starring in begin to dredge up memories she was never supposed to remember, she will have to learn to rely on him.

Lies, cover-ups and an unthinkable initiation all leave her desperate for answers.

Prosperity is determined to find out if there is enough good in this world to overcome the evil she sees everywhere she looks – even in her own eyes.

Recent Praise for The Hypnotist's Daughter:

"A shocking debut that leaves us pondering the origins of evil and the power of memory." -- J.C. Sasser, author of Gradle Bird

"Raw and hypnotizing. This is the first chapter in what promises to be an unnerving and mysterious series." -- Peter L. Harmon, author of The Happenstances . . . young adult book series

"A triumphant debut novel from Brittany Raschdorf." -- Charlotte Bowyer, author of His Frozen Fingertips

"Imaginative ride into the fantasy realm" -- Meisha Camm, author of Brewer Archives

About the Author

Brittany Raschdorf is a devoted mother of two who lives in Chesapeake, Virginia with her husband and their two dogs. Growing up, Brittany was always tethered to a book, only putting them down occasionally to play in the mud or roughhouse with her brother. She knew deep down she had a passion for words—it was the way the black jumped off the white and landed in her soul as she read. But it wasn’t until she began to write that she truly came alive. And it wasn’t until she became a mother that she realized she had a story to tell.

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